Clearbrook Lodge has changed its name to Huntington Creek Recovery Center!

As we have continued to grow, we have found the need to separate ourselves from other programs in the area using the “Clearbrook” name, as we are not affiliated with them.

Cutting-Edge, Experiential
Detox & Addiction Treatment
in the NY Metro Area & Northeast

Mind, Body, and Spirit Approach

Combined with the most effective therapeutic modalities our non-conventional, homeopathic treatment creates a unique, unforgettable journey of self-exploration, education, the instillation of hope.


Men and women can rid their bodies of substances in a safe environment under the supervision of experienced professionals, and then transition directly into our residential program.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment is a comprehensive personalized experience during which men and women receive the care that enables them to heal in mind, body, and spirit.

Experiential Therapies

Along with traditional individual, group, and family therapies, our dynamic programming includes wilderness therapy, EMDR, bio-sound therapy, and a wide range of additional techniques.

Welcome to Huntington Creek Recovery Center

At Huntington Creek Recovery Center, we respect the strength and courage of each man and woman who chooses to get help for chemical dependency, and we honor the unique voice and perspective that each patient brings to the treatment experience. The day a person arrives on our campus, he or she joins a vibrant community that is dedicated to ensuring that he or she has the focused services and ongoing support that will facilitate both short-term progress and long-term success.

Treatment at Huntington Creek Recovery Center is a dynamic process, with patients encouraged to play active roles in their care and expected to take ownership of their recovery. Working in close collaboration with experienced and compassionate professionals, Huntington Creek Recovery Center patients set personal goals, participate in determining how best to achieve those objectives, and develop the skills and strategies that will allow them to maintain and build upon their progress long after they have completed treatment and returned home.

It is no secret that the path of recovery contains challenges and setbacks. But when your recovery journey begins at Huntington Creek Recovery Center, you will be prepared to overcome any obstacles that stand between you and the bright future that you deserve.

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"Our son has a strong, sober network of friends and is happier than we have ever seen him. Thanks to Huntington Creek, we have been reunited as a family"