Our Vision & Values

Huntington Creek Recovery Center provides so much more than just a spacious and comfortable environment in which men and women can heal and recover from addictions to substances and co-occurring mental health concerns. This renowned treatment center also offers hope for a truly brighter tomorrow.

Our Vision

Huntington Creek Recovery Center’s vision is to provide a safe and secure environment in which men and women battling substance use disorders can learn to live healthier lives, free from the grips of addiction. Each individual is treated as a whole person, such that we provide care that enables patients to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits in a meaningful way. We aim to offer a treatment experience that includes holistic practices, experiences, and prevention techniques that will help us achieve our vision of being a trusted provider of effective chemical dependency treatment.

Our Mission

The overarching mission at Huntington Creek Recovery Center is to provide high-quality substance abuse treatment to all who elect to receive care at this center. By providing top-notch services, we, at Huntington Creek Recovery Center, believe that we will be able to truly help individuals break free from addictive behaviors and compulsions so that a healthier tomorrow can be achieved.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy is grounded in the belief that addiction is a three-fold illness that affects individuals physically, mentally, and spiritually. Most, if not all, of our patients, have been affected in these ways, and we have, therefore, developed programming that addresses each of these important aspects of life. Additionally, and because each patient’s needs can differ, we formulate individualized treatment plans for all patients so that they are able to receive the specific interventions they need to reach their treatment goals.

These plans, which are devised by our staff in collaboration with each patient, detail the specific self-exploration activities, exercises, relaxation techniques, and other methods of care that will help the men and women of Huntington Creek Recovery Center acquire the skills and confidence needed to abstain from the abuse of substances once and for all.

If you or someone you care about could benefit from the type of transformative care that only Huntington Creek Recovery Center can offer, feel free to contact our center today. Our staff is happy to discuss our admissions process, detox services, and residential treatment right over the phone. We can also tell you how we can help you or an important person in your life overcome an addiction to substances via our exemplary programming.

In choosing Huntington Creek Recovery Center as the place to begin life anew, you or your loved one will realize that a brighter, sober life is possible.

What our clients are saying

Only Huntington Creek was able to get me the comprehensive treatment that I needed for both my drug addiction and my mental health challenges! I am truly grateful for everything they have done.

– Former Patient
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