Our Experiential Therapies

A large part of what makes Huntington Creek Recovery Center such a transformative place has to do with the fact that we make every effort to help patients heal and recover in a deeply profound way.

We are able to help the men and women we treat break through their addictive behaviors, compulsions, and emotional discomfort by allowing them to partake in several types of therapeutic interventions that have been specifically chosen to engage patients’ minds, bodies, and spirits. The therapeutic interventions listed below are those that we are proud to offer at Huntington Creek Recovery Center, and are proven to assist men and women in breaking free from the chains of addiction:

  • Biosound therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR)
  • Wilderness program

Additionally, we are pleased to offer numerous other therapies and therapeutic activities in order to support our patients’ efforts to become sober and healthier beings. The following are among the methods of care that can also be incorporated into a patient’s personalized treatment plan.

Recreation therapy

Each Monday, a certified recreational therapist comes to our center to facilitate a variety of special projects with our patients. Men and women who partake in this method of care can benefit from making art projects, participating in a music group that features instruments and sing-a-longs, and learning beneficial recovery-orientated skills that will help them along their journeys to sobriety.

Guided meditation

So as to provide patients with the relaxation techniques they need to become mentally and spiritually centered, we are pleased to provide guided meditation. While in these meditation sessions, patients may utilize aroma therapy, light therapy, and the eleventh step of the 12-Steps of recovery all at the same time.


With the guidance of an instructor, patients can learn to relax by learning a series of poses and breathing exercises through yoga classes. This method of care enables men and women to experience an alternative way of becoming calm and healing their whole person in a meaningful way.

Burnout fitness class

The benefits of exercise are vast. Especially for individuals in recovery, physical activity can bring about healing in a life-changing way. Our 45-minute aerobic-type class, which is called Burnout, incorporates kenpo and kickboxing techniques so that patients can work on repairing their physical health. Additionally, men and women have access to individuals who can offer them guidance on healthy nutrition and light weight training if it is requested.


For one hour each week, patients are invited to come together with other patients to express themselves creatively. Whether through poetry, music, dancing, or comedy, men and women are encouraged to share their experiences and feelings through various mediums. Furthermore, this therapeutic intervention is one that many of our patients thoroughly enjoy and look forward to each week while in our care.

Learn more about our therapies

To learn more about the various therapies and interventions utilized at Huntington Creek Recovery Center, please feel free to contact our staff at your earliest convenience. We look forward to answering all of your questions and helping you or someone you care about determine if our program is the perfect place to begin the journey towards a truly healed and recovered life.

What our clients are saying

The therapy options at Huntington Creek are some of the best in the area. The staff are caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable in helping their patients get the treatment and lasting recovery that they not only need, but deserve.

– Former Patient
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