Experiential Therapy-Centered Co-Occurring Disorder & Addiction Treatment in the Northeast

Huntington Creek Recovery Center has been a trusted provider of co-occurring disorder treatment since 1972. Combining evidence-based practices and experiential-based therapies, Huntington Creek provides the most effective, transformative treatment for men and women who are struggling with co-occurring disorders treatment.

Treatment Options for Co-Occurring Disorders

When it comes time to explore treatment options for substance abuse and other co-occurring mental health disorders, one will find that there are many options for care throughout the Northeast. But finding an appropriate fit for each individual’s needs will be paramount in setting the course for a sustained, successful recovery.

At Huntington Creek Recovery Center in Pennsylvania, our staff has vast experience in treating addictions of many kinds, and a commitment to compassionate care that honors the dignity in each patient. We employ a variety of medical staff as well as mental health professionals who work collaboratively to ensure that each patient receives the care they need to achieve their personal goals for wellness and sobriety. During their time at our rehab center, patients will receive comprehensive care to heal from substance abuse, while simultaneously addressing any underlying mental health concerns that may be impacting their substance use disorder.

Addiction Doesn't Occur in a Vacuum

Addiction is a complex issue, and no two patients have the same experiences. For this reason, our rehab center is committed to crafting personalized plans of care that reflect each individual’s unique challenges and innate strengths. Our treatment plans consist of only the most effective, scientifically-backed therapeutic modalities that are chosen specifically with each patient’s goals in mind. In choosing Huntington Creek Recovery Center as a partner in healing, the men and women of the Northeast will have access to an array of supports, which are briefly described in the following:

A continuum of care that acknowledges the frequency of co-occurring disorders such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

We know that addiction does not occur in a vacuum, and that for true healing to take place, one must address underlying mental disorders. With a whole-person philosophy, programming at Huntington Creek is designed to treat mental illness and substance abuse at the same time.

Ensuring a Personalized Treatment Experience

To ensure a personalized experience, we provide traditional therapeutic techniques such as individual, group, and experiential therapy, and augment them with more specialized services such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and biofeedback.

Because of our diverse options for care, we are able to offer a truly customized experience that will provide each person with the tools they need to set themselves up for continued healing and success.

Our discharge planning begins from the very beginning of a patient’s time with us.

We know that maintaining sobriety is a life-long process, and we prepare our patients to leave our center with a top notch plan for continued care. When a patient no longer requires the level of care that residential treatment provides, the staff at our addiction rehab center will help him or her connect with the appropriate supports he or she requires to continue working towards his or her goals for recovery.

How We Create Patient-Centered Treatment

Patient-centered treatment is paramount at our rehab center, and our programming is intensely personal. Our patients are important collaborators in creating their treatment plans, and we believe in acknowledging the autonomy of each person in our care. In a world that sadly stigmatizes those individuals who suffer from substance use disorders and mental health conditions, we have created a caring community, free of judgement, where healing thrives.

Our team of medical and mental health professionals partner with our patients to encourage the men and women in our care to take ownership over their recovery, and hold themselves accountable for their sobriety. We believe in honoring each person’s unique perspective, and in incorporating his or her innate wisdom and authentic experiences into their recovery experiences.

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Making the decision to seek out rehab for substance abuse and / or co-occurring mental health concerns takes considerable bravery and fortitude. When one begins to explore treatment options, he or she will soon find that an array of options exist for care. For men and women of the Northeast who are battling an addiction at the same time that they are struggling with symptoms of mental illness, residential treatment may be an appropriate level of care. By entering a residential center that has the capacity to treat all of their presenting conditions simultaneously, individuals will have access to the supports they need to stabilize their health, and progress through next steps of treatment.

Despite the devastating effects of an untreated substance use disorder or mental illness, help is merely a phone call away. If you or a loved one would like to learn more about starting the path to healing at Huntington Creek Recovery Center in Pennsylvania, we hope that you will contact us today.

What our clients are saying

I started struggling with mental health problems after my addiction really took hold. It just made me turn to drugs even more - getting high was the only way I knew how to cope with everything going on in my head. But Huntington Creek showed me there are better ways. Now I'm sober, and any time some of my disorder's symptoms come back I have better ways of dealing with them. I know I can handle anything that comes my way.

– Former Patient
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