Christian Drug Rehab Centers

Huntington Creek Recovery Center has been a trusted provider of experiential-based therapies for addiction and co-occurring disorders since 1972. Our Christian drug rehab program provides a transformative experience for adult men and women, ages 18 and above.

Our Christian Rehab Planning Process

Huntington Creek Recovery Center is located in the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania and is one of the Northeast’s leading providers of Christian residential treatment for adult men and women age 18 and older who are struggling with substance abuse issues and certain co-occurring mental health conditions. With a commitment to offering individualized support and patient-centered care, all individuals who seek to heal at our Christian rehab center are afforded an array of life-changing supports designed to help them meet their goals for recovery.

At Huntington Creek Recovery Center in Pennsylvania, we view each patient as an individual with a unique set of strengths, challenges, and experiences that must be considered when devising a plan to help him or her successfully achieve lasting sobriety. The treatment planning process at our Christian drug rehab center is a highly personalized experience, and we seek to gain a deep understanding of each person’s existing supports so that they can be built upon during their time with us.

Our Christian Addiction Recovery Programs

Many individuals cite their Christian faith as a key component of lasting recovery, and have found ways to rely on their spirituality both during treatment and after returning home to their families and communities. Should it be determined that you are a good fit for our Christian Program, you will have access to specialized supports during detox and residential care that reflect your religious identity.

While residential treatment certainly has its challenges, it is important to focus on the future and what will happen after treatment. Therefore, we at Huntington Creek consider aftercare planning a key component of a successful treatment experience. As such, we work to help our patients identify their existing sources of strength that they can carry with them into their daily lives, and for many men and women in the Northeast, their Christian faith is one such support.

The typical length of stay for our Christian rehab programming is 21 to 28 days, and during this time you will have access to all of the time-tested elements of support that are offered at our center such as:

Medical care and supervision
Medication management (as needed)
Individual counseling
Experiential counseling
Family counseling
Group counseling
Non-hospital detoxification (detox) services
Thorough aftercare planning

Christian Rehab Support & Faith-based Services

However, if you are enrolled in our Christian drug rehab program, you will also have access to the following specialized faith-based supports while at our rehab center:

  • Christian-based drug rehab groups that intertwine 12-Step philosophy
  • Private counseling sessions with a chaplain
  • Aftercare planning that will connect you with Christian-based fellowship opportunities in your home community

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Making the decision to entire residential treatment to address issues of substance abuse and co-occurring mental health concerns is often a difficult choice. But from there, finding a center that offers programming that you feel reflects your unique challenges, needs, and values, can seem all the more overwhelming. But in choosing to seek treatment at Huntington Creek Recovery Center, you will find a welcoming community of hope designed to help you channel the strength you derive from your faith toward achieving lasting recovery.

At our Christian addiction rehab center, we understand the value in faith-based treatment modalities, and are pleased to offer specialized programming that reflects the specific ways that the Christian faith can help to shape a healthy, happy, future that is substance-free.

To learn more about our Christian rehab program, or to ask questions about any other aspect of healing at Huntington Creek Recovery Center in Pennsylvania, we encourage you to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. A member of our admissions team will be happy to speak with you, and to provide any information you may need to help you decide whether Huntington Creek is the perfect place for yourself or someone you care about.

What our clients are saying

There is such a wide variety of treatment programs at Huntington Creek that they have something for everybody! I highly recommend Huntington Creek for anyone seeking treatment for their substance use disorder or their co-occurring disorders.

– Former Patient
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